About Me

I'm Alfonso Villalobos Ulate, Software Engineer from Chihuahua, Chihuahua México

I started my programming journey in C# when I was 14 trying to build a theme installer. At that time I was really into windows customizations and a cousin of mine was studying CS so I asked him for some help in the programing field he told me to download Visual Studio. Long story short I didn't get to create my super custom windows theme but, I build some interfaces and a simple calculator that could make some operations.


Like most of us, I have too many hobbies, because of my father since the day that I was born my first introduction into sports was baseball at the age of 3 since then I played a bunch of sports but the one that I end up loving the most is tennis. I have been playing tennis since 13.

Another hobby is fixing broken electronics, when I was a teenage boy I used to make good money with that skill. Also, I play and compose some music when I have the time and inspiration for I'm not good by any means but I have a good time every time I do that.