I thought a lot about putting this on my jobs because I create this website with WordPress but after giving it a lot of analysis I got to the conclusion that its important to share the beginnings so these are mine.

My first websites were created using WordPress with Mysql and a hosting Server, the biggest problem with this solution is that is not flexible at all, you have a template and you can't try whatever you want to make it work it will not work as you want the page to do so.

If what you want to build is exactly what the WordPress template is go for it, but if not, don't waste your time, I believe there are better solutions for a no-code page than this.

E-commerce is one of the places where I believe is a viable solution but in 2021 WordPress is behind other solutions like Shopify

WordPress Admin


The journey has come with a lot of challenges and these are some of them. They aren't in order of difficulty