I started my career by creating WordPress websites while I was still studying. Although I didn't know much about software design, DDD, or clean code, this experience taught me a lot about how web development works. I didn't even need to create a plugin to send the site into production.

As I progressed, I realized the importance of a dev server and version control. I used to upload updates directly into production the first few weeks.

I also learned about configuring DNS servers, Apache, and web hosting. After some time, that I have a couple of react based web apps under my belt, I thought WordPress was a bad tool for web development, but looking back now with more experience in software architecture and business needs, I realize that different tools have their place depending on the problem you're trying to solve.

While WordPress may not be the best tool for every situation, it has its strengths, especially in e-commerce.

The right tool for the job is the one that helps you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. The key is knowing when to use the drill and when to use the hammer.

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The journey had a lot of challenges and these are some of them. They aren't in order of difficulty